All welcome for our final walk for 2019.   Saturday 30 November at 8.30am , meet up in the vacant carpark off Jenke Circuit, behind the shops (IGA etc) and the Jehovah’s Witness Church. The walk has been planned by Dorothy, takes approx. one hour, on cycle/walk ways through green spaces, parklands, the northern end of Lake Tuggeranong, via underpasses. We will locate 3 Aboriginal scarred trees, heritage trees which have had their bark removed for shields, canoes, coolamons or shelters.   We return to On the Grind, opp. IGA Jenke Cct, for a cuppa.  Free parking.

Sign-up sheet and take-home map at the rear of the church (if you would like to skip the walk and simply join us at On the Grind just tick the Coffee box).  Contact Judy or Catherine.